Yamaha to take on Nike+iPod

yamaha-bodibeatWhile the idea of the Nike+iPod kit was a hit with certain quarters (especially those who take their exercise regime and music equally serious), it didn't really catch on with the general populace as listening to music is one thing, but sweating it out like a pig by pounding the pavement or visiting the gym is another. Yamaha thinks there is more room for growth and has unveiled the BODiBEAT device which aims to provide an alternative to those who are thinking of picking up the Nike+iPod kit.

The wristband-based BODiBEAT loses out to the iPod combo by making available only 512MB of storage space for music, but its upside would be saving additional money as there is no need to pick up a pair of special shoes and sensors to use the BODiBEAT thanks to the integrated accelerometer. A pulse monitor is hooked up to the headphones, whereby the tempo of the music increases in proportion to the speed of the runner. Beat loops will help piece one track onto another seamlessly. The Yamaha BODiBEAT will begin shipping this summer at a yet undisclosed price.

Product Page via Electronista

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