KickTrak for moms-to-be

Since January is the National Birth Defects Prevention Month, it makes perfect sense to gift your wife the KickTrak device.

Designed by an obstetrician, kickTrak simplifies kick counting to potentially reduce the risk of stillbirth. Visualization of changes in your baby’s movement pattern helps you promptly alert your doctor of possible problems and allows early intervention. Starting at 24 weeks, use kickTrak to record and store the time it takes for your baby to complete 10 movements including kicks, rolls, jabs, and turns - once a day, at the same time, when your baby is usually most active.

After all, since she will be celebrating Mother's Day pretty soon, an early present never hurt anyone. Surely $39.95 is not too much for you to pony up, even though that might have to come from your 3G iPhone fund?kicktrak.jpg

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