Sonic Chair teases your aural senses

sonic-chairAudiophiles are very particular about their music, and would go to great lengths in order to recreate the perfect audio environment. The Sonic Chair is one piece of futuristic looking home furniture that not only looks good to the eye, but is sounds pleasing to the ears as well. Why do I say this? This pod-like seat for starters was specially designed to isolate its occupant away from others in a personal sound space, minimizing any aural spillover onto the surrounding environment. Speakers are crafted and positioned within the pod, giving the occupant powerful bass and focused acoustics while those on the outside will barely be able to what's going on inside. Line-level inputs are used to connect audio sources.

Designed by Frank Hussong, Michael Kientzler, and Daniela Reuter, the Sonic Chair will come in four colors and boasts a swiveling drink tray for that extra touch. If you like, you can replace that said tray with a touchscreen controller or even an iPod dock at an additional cost. The $8,000 price tag will most probably throw most people off their tracks, but if you're a fashionista who is out to impress, what's a little maxing out of your credit card compared to envious stares from others?

Product Page via SciFi

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  1. original 31 July, 2007 at 11:14

    The sonic chair is designed by Holger Fritzler and designatics (Frank Hussong, Michael Kientzler and Daniela Reuter)

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