Celi cellphone purse takes zen approach


The advent of cellphones has given us yet another item to remember each time we step out of the home. At first it was just the wallet, house, and car keys. Today, we have a much longer list to remember, and strangely enough, these very items were meant to simplify our lives. It is pretty ironic as we end up with having more to manage than before, but nobody in their right mind today will leave the home without the three items mentioned in addition to a cellphone, MP3 player, and perhaps even a GPS navigation device.

The Celi cellphone purse understands this dilemma, and thus comes with some extra space to store other 'going out' essentials such as keys, ca$h, and credit cards among others. There are several ways to carry the Celi, and they are: - using it as a clutch, hooked up to a belt, clipped onto another bag, or slung over your shoulder. The $60 Celi is made from Turkish leather and comes in 18 different colors and patterns.

Source: Popgadget

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