Three Interactive Ways to Stay up to Speed with Online Gaming

We live in the age of online gaming, at a time where there have never been more options for budding gamers to choose between when looking to start their next big digital adventure. But with so much choice out there, the challenge for every modern day developer is to ensure that gamers of all abilities are able to learn the ropes as quickly as possible. Historically, there have been plenty of great games that did a really poor job of explaining their systems and concepts (Crusader Kings II) and there’s no bigger turn-off for a gamer than starting a new game only to find they have no idea how to play it!

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Utilize Interactive Tutorials

At Techie Diva, we’ve noticed more and more online games starting to offer sophisticated tutorial approaches that are designed to ease the player into the action, rather than throwing them in at the deep end with little guidance. Turning towards the world of MMORPGs, we were certainly intrigued by Blizzard’s in-game tutorial for their latest big title, Overwatch. Here, players get introduced to a whole new world while learning the basics of how to move, shoot and look around. It’s another prime modern example of how to prep players in an intriguing way before they enter the main game itself.

Elsewhere in the gaming spectrum, the iGaming industry is also full of really good examples of how developers can help new players get to grips with how a particular game works once they’ve logged in for the first time.

Join a Forum Community


Talking of MMORPGs, it was really games like World of Warcraft, Runescape and Diablo that cemented gaming forums as a key source of information and knowledge on a particular game. These days, the same concept applies across all major games, regardless of platform or genre. If a game is popular enough, chances are there’ll be a community of people discussing it – often in quite some detail. This makes forums a great place to interact with other like-minded fans, swap thoughts on particular aspects or characters, and perhaps even get into a heated debate or two… which is what the internet is all about, right?

The recent global success of Grand Theft Auto V, in particular, is proof enough that online forum communities are alive, well and very much a helpful tool when looking to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Make the Most of YouTube


If you thought the main purpose of YouTube was to host millions of videos on the topic of funny things that cats do, think again! YouTube has actually become a vital resource for the gaming community in recent years, allowing people to share interactive walkthroughs and generally cool video snippets of their online gameplay. It’s particularly handy if you find yourself endlessly stuck on one part of a game because, more often than not, somebody else has experienced exactly the same problem as you. The feeling of ‘I’m not alone!’ definitely comes with a sigh of relief most of the time.

So there we have it, three useful ways to keep yourself up to speed with the rapidly evolving world of online gaming in all its forms, a useful list if you ever find yourself struggling to get to grips with a particular game. Whatever title you’re about jump into next, just remember there’s a whole world of support out there if you know where to find it – good luck and happy gaming!