Porsche Design P'9521 cellphone looks yummy


The name Porsche is synonymous with one of the best exotic sports cars in the world, so the company is clearly out of its league when it comes to cellphones, or is it? Why not take a close look at the Porsche Design P'9521 cellphone and judge for yourself. This clamshell handset is pretty special as the entire case is milled out of a solid aluminum block, and this fact alone gives it the ground to claim that it has a unique production method for cellphones (rather wasteful if you ask me). Everything about the P'9521 is meant to be functional as one takes a glance at the typography, styling, and colors of the menu.

Not only that, the display can be rotated through 180°, turning the handset into an impromptu digital camera. Other features include a fingerprint reader that does away with the need to remember pesky PIN numbers when you boot up the phone. The Porsche Design P'9521 will be up for grabs this fall in Porsche Design Stores and specialist cellphone retailers worldwide. Too bad it won't be sold in the U.S., Japan, and Korea for some strange reason.

Source: Yanko Design

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