Pikachu Yellow Pokémon headed our way


Looks like the Pokémon fever has yet to die down after more than a decade in existence. In fact, one can safely say that Pikachu alone has won over millions of fans with its cute disposition packaged into a small and yellow electrifying package. In honor of the July 20th opening of the latest Pokémon Center store in Tokyo, Nintendo will be unveiling a new Pikachu-branded yellow DS Lite to gamers and collectors alike. While that is good news, one must realize that not anyone can just pick up these highly desirable DS Lites with almighty cash. You will still need to submit an application (deadline currently stands at July 1st), where a successful application will be notified via postcard later within the same month.

Nintendo has not taken this opportunity to make a little bit more money as each Pikachu DS Lite will still retail for a mere 16,800 yen (approximately 138 clams). Unfortunately, I fear that import shops will drastically raise the price on whoever wants to get their grubby paws on one in North America. Are you currently satisfied with your vanilla DS Lite, or do you think a limited or special edition version will get that old gamer blood pumping again?

Source: DS Fanboy

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