Virtual Love Triangle

VirtualtriangleSwitched always has some interesting stories, but this one caught my eye, raised a few red flags, and reminded how lucky I am to have a hubby who's not into Second Life (although his gaming habits drive me up the wall). Joshua raises a good question: Is having an online wife adultery? The WSJ profiled a couple that seems to be on the rocks because Mr. Hoogestraat has a virtual wife on Second Life. Although the virtual couple has never met outside the game (so they say), they spend entirely way too much time playing house inside their virtual paradise. Obviously, this has the real Mrs. Hoogestraat on edge, and for good reason. The man would rather spend his weekends teleporting between his strip club, the beach, and his online mansion, which he shares with his two dogs and virtual wife. The whole things is sad, and if he doesn't get help, he will eventually lose his real wife. You have to read the whole story to believe it.

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  1. sscape 17 August, 2007 at 15:34

    I read the article, with pics of the three. The real mrses is in real trouble! 1- The virtual wife’s owner is younger and prettier. 2- Her kids are pressuring her to move out. 3- He spends almost no time with her. 4- He does not even respond to her bringing food to him. 5- She worries that he may spend years wasted online; this hints that she may just wait there with him at home for him to come to his senses.
    He could have written a novel or created somthing that impacts the real world with the time he spends online. Even he admits it’s just an escape.
    She could sue him for creative abandonment- but it seems she is the bigger breadwinner, and the one who does everything around the house- so she would just get the divorce. They both need therapy.
    Oddly enough- the real wife is part of an online support group for “gamer widows.” Ironic as heck!

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