CD Phonograph merges old and new


Now this design by Yong Jieyu certainly takes the cake when it comes to merging both the old and the new into one seamless device. Dubbed the CD Phonograph, just by looking at it will evoke fond memories of the a vinyl record player that my grandparents used to listen to as dusk falls. With time, vinyl records have become all but extinct, with cassettes and CDs taking over the responsibility of being the music format of choice. Fast forward a few decades forward, and we are presented with a generation that grew up on MP3s and various other digital formats. The CD Phonograph puts a halt to the speeding train of technology, using a disassembled CD player along with rearranged components to suit the layout of a phonograph.

Speakers are located just below the trumpet loudspeaker for amplification purposes. The wooden box is made more spacious than the electrical PCB board in order to obtain a reasonable level of bass resonance for your listening pleasure. The laser pointer is shifted to the top, letting all and sundry view the spinning CD.

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