The Shockolate Vault

Shockolate2_1This is going to be a girl’s best friend since chocolates were invented!
If you are anything like me and can’t portion your treats… the shocolate vault will keep your treats safely stored out of your reach! You keep control though; when you are in your right non-craving-mind you can set a timer on this handy gadget that will keep your treats (not just chocolate) safe for the predetermined number of hours. If you try to be naughty and get to the treats in the vault, it will give you an annoying but harmless shock! Hence the Shockolate Vault!
 The container is transparent, so you can still sShockolate1_1ee everything in it, but you just cannot get to it! The vault can be used as a great way of keeping sneaky roommates or family members away from your favorite candy so there is something left when you get home from work! It is also a great way of ‘budgeting’ your snacks and sticking to your diet!   Read more about the shockolate vault and get it here. Don’t use it if you have a pacemaker though! So keep it away from grandpa and anyone who has epilepsy.

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