Vibrating wristband alerts you of incoming calls


Right now, there are only a couple of methods employed by cellphones to alert you of an incoming call - one where an annoyingly loud ring tone of Crazy Frog or some gangsta rapper flood the airwaves, while the other is a silent, buzzing sound of the handset's battery vibrating. While the former is almost guaranteed to grab your attention (as well as those within a 10 meter radius), the vibration might not be strong enough especially when you've tucked your cellphone away in some obscure section of your handbag or deep inside your pocket. The MBW-100 from BQ Wireless offers a solution in the form of a vibration wristband

The MBW-100 comes with a power button and a T-marked button which enables you to transfer the vibration from the wristband to your cellphone and vice versa, ensuring you will never miss a call ever again. Interested parties will be able to pick up the MBW-100 when it is released in stores this July for $39.95. Alternatively, you could always purchase a Bluetooth headset, but whatever rocks your boat I guess.

Source: Akihabara News

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