Creative to unleash a tidal Wav


Creative will be expanding the Zen family of portable media players by introducing the Zen Wav. Looking pretty much like the Zen Neeon, the Wav comes with a joystick and a couple of buttons at the front. Features include a 1.5" 65k color display, world clock and alarm functionality, photo, audio, and video playback, an integrated FM radio, direct line-in recording, voice recording, and external speakers. I think you'd probably prefer to stick to a pair of headphones instead since puny speakers on the Wav will hardly make you the envy of those around.

The Creative Zen Wav will see action in its homeland, Singapore, at first, without any word on whether this MP3/MP4 player will ever make its way to North America. Set to debut this May 25th and retailing for an affordable price of $120, here's crossing our fingers that the Creative Zen Wav will be able to arrive Stateside order to give Apple's iPod nano some much needed competition, where the winner will definitely be the consumer. You know what they say about resting on your laurels...

Source: Anything But iPod

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