Triple-threat PSP case and bag


While the Sony PSP isn't exactly doing gangbusters worldwide when compared to it's main competitor, the Nintendo DS Lite, it still shifts a fair amount of units each week to warrant the development of third party accessories. Since it is a relatively fragile piece of technical wizardry, a case for your PSP is almost a prerequisite with each console purchase since scratches tend to gravitate to its surface all too easily. PS Pictogram from Japan has recently unveiled the X-girl × PS Pictogram × Genki Rockets × Porter PSP case and purse too keep you and your PSP happy.

You can tell from the name that this is not a single effort, as PS Pictogram has teamed up with luggage manufacturer Porter as well as dance group Genki Rockets (of Lumines II fame on said handheld console). Both case and purse will retail for approximately $220 after conversion, which is way pricier compared to other more bland alternatives in the market. Have you dressed up your PSP yet? If not, will you pick either one of these up?

Source: Kotaku

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