Magnesium Cases for the iPaq

For so long I used an iPaq to store all my information.  When I moved to Colorado I stopped using it and gave it to my brother who was located in Dallas, a busier place.  I now have realized I miss my Ipaq and I'm looking into purchasing yet another model.


I stumbled upon these new cases made of magnesium and had to view the specifications.  It seems they would offer me more stability than the cases I bought two years ago for my old model.  These cases work with the HP4700 and HP4705 and are closely matched in color to the iPaq device.

I think they look sleek and they have more features than previously offered cases I've seen.  Not only do they protect your device but they also allow you to freely use it.  I hate cases that keep me from using a feature.  The InnoPocket Magnum case has a belt-clip and post system, a flip top design, double hinged covers that fold completely out of the way, cut-outs for accessories like IR port, record button and more.  It also features easy access to the power button and all memory slots.

Visit this site for purchasing information.

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