Atari Candle Holder looks sweet

atari-candle-holderThe Atari 2600. Who could forget that venerable console that had different types of controllers to cater for various games? While using the paddle is pretty neat, nothing quite beats the feeling of the classic Atari joystick. For those of you who grew up with classic games on that console will definitely love dressing up your home with this Atari candle holder from artist Mixko. Featuring the base of the joystick made from ceramic, this candle holder has an indentation in the middle for you to place a candle - preferably a scented one.

Unfortunately, Mixko is not about to put this up for sale at the moment, so you might have to bust out the old Atari joystick from an attic and create a mold yourself if you want one. Pretty neat idea though, especially if you and your sweetheart are video game fans when you were still wearing diapers as wasted your summers away in front of the telly and console instead of running about in a nearby field.

Source: Wonderland

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