Kitty Keyboard Kover offers a compromise


Having a cat in the house is a source of joy, but sometimes, as computer users can attest, our feline friends tend to jump onto our desk and plop themselves right on top of our keyboard whenever we have a 100-page report due tomorrow morning. Relocating the cat won't help since it will return almost automatically, while keeping it outside your room can get quite irritating as it claws against your door, causing an irritating, non-stop grating noise which is enough to drive anyone insane. The Kitty Keyboard Kover provides a lifeline to this cat-walking problem, coming in the shape of a clear acrylic cover that sits above the keyboard.

This allows your cat to sleep and walk above the keyboard without distracting you from your typing task, although the swishing of Kitty's tail right in front of the monitor might be a nuisance. The Kitty Keyboard Kover supports cats up to 16 pounds in weight and works great in preventing hair and dust from entering the keyboard. You can pick one up for $24.95 today. Garfield owners ought to take note!

Product Page via Gizmodo

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