Nano Healthcore Heated Vest

VestNano Healthcore will be displaying this heated vest at CES 2006. As below zero weather approaches most parts of the country, people living in these areas are encouraged to stay warm using this antibacterial, magnetic, and negative ion heating vest. It is also recommended for those who have poor blood circulation, suffer from shoulder and backpain, and do lots of outside activities. The website doesn't give much explanation as to how to use this vest, so we'll have to pay them a visit to find out more about the functionality of this invention. They also offer the heating core belt.

BeltHealthcore Belt for keeping waist which is the axis of human body healthy!! Recommended for those who
(1) Are suffering from waist pain
(2) Uses like driver or labor
(3) Enjoys sports 
(4) Suffers from menstrual trouble or baby delivery

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