iSave helps you conserve water


Mom had always nagged the entire household to save water, what with utility bills going nowhere but up in due time, and the fact that water is too precious to waste. Unfortunately, we don't really see the effects of water wastage when we leave the tap running while we attend to a phone call from a friend, or even taking extended showers that would have filled up a bath tub four times over. The iSave is just the perfect device to inject some guilt into your psyche, as it is attached to your sink or other faucet head while displaying the total amount of water that particular faucet has used via a simple but legible digital screen.

What about power, you ask? Won't the iSave take up more power as it monitors the amount of water I used? Apparently not, since the energy required by the iSave is generated through a turbine which turns as water puts pressure on it each time you turn on the tap. Pure genius. Let's see this enter each home across America, and soon, the world already.

Source: Gearfuse


  1. Christian Arteaga 6 December, 2007 at 06:45

    I would like to know what is the recommendabe temperature for human body taking a shower and jacuzzi and if this affects anything in the bones…

  2. Richard 15 May, 2007 at 07:57

    As I click on the links to go actually buy one of these iSave things I get deeper and deeper into one post’s reference to one post’s reference and so on. The key feature of these water conservation devices is that they don’t exist. They were a runner up for a design contest. This is not a useful post then.

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