Quik Pod

With the popular rise of self photo taking, this little gadget is sure to be useful. The Quik Pod is a telescopic monopod that allows you to take pictures of yourself without the result being off centered and too close looking.

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It attaches to any camera weighing up to 450g and is light enough to be carried around wherever you go.  No more having to ask strangers to take a picture of you and your friend(s) and taking a chance on their photo taking skills. You can also use it to take pictures above crowds or hard to reach areas. The Quik Pod comes with a pocket clip, hiking clip, wrist strap, and carry bag.


  1. Cloudgazer 13 March, 2007 at 03:46

    Mmm, interesting. Except how do you actually take a picture? is there a remote control button? Are do you need an orungutan type arm?

  2. Geek Chic 12 March, 2007 at 10:31

    Quik Pod

    Quik Pod é um monopod telescópico que permite tirar fotos de si mesmo. Pode ser conectado a qualquer câmera pesando até 450g e é suficientemente leve para ser carregado. Com o Quik Pod não há necessidade de pedir para…

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