Knight Light slays no dragons, only shadows


Most girls often grow up with their psyches inevitably seared by the image of a knight in shining armor galloping on a gallant steed in a do-or-die mission of rescuing a princess who is held hostage by an ugly ogre or an evil dragon, no thanks to the wild imaginations of fairy tale writers over the centuries. For those who have not yet given up on finding their very own knight (never mind the shining armor, that is something which can be remedied later as most men these days seem to be ogres rather than knights), the Knight Light offers a brief respite, banishing shadows and darkness as long as it remains connected to a power outlet.

There are four versions of the Knight Light available, and they are the Knight Light, the Dark Knight Light, the Stand-Up Knight Light, and the Female Knight Light. You can choose from blue, green, orange, and purple colors. Depending on the type of knight chosen, they retail for anywhere between $11.99 to $32.99. A matching Dragon and Ogre Light set ought to be manufactured IMHO.

Product Page via NerdApproved

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