miLite dresses up your iPod nano

militesIf you have not yet moved on to the iPod nano 2G, I have some good news in store for you. Breathe new life into that aging MP3 player of yours by dressing it up in the miLite from B2. Made by the same company that brought you the line of miJam musical instruments, the miLite definitely adds some life into the first generation iPod nano by lighting it up in various places for a truly psychedelic experience.

At this point in time, B2 claims that the miLites are available only for the first generation of iPod nanos, although they have promised to work on additional sizes to cater for (hopefully) the rest of the iPod line and not only nanos. Each miLite retails for $19.98. Since each miLite uses its own power source, you don't have to worry about your nano's battery being drained any further. Choose from Lace, Purple Haze, Loops, Techni, Denim, and Matrix designs.

Source: Gearlog

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