Another Case, Another Style

Still searching for that perfect case for your iPhone but haven't found the style you want just yet?  Take a peek at the Golla Vertical Bliss pouch.  New and trendy, these pouches will take you from ordinary to original.

There is a D-ring attached at the top to keep your pouch connected to your favorite purse or backpack.  Top loading makes this easy to use and quick to store your iPhone, with padded materials to keep it cozy and safe inside the pouch.  Clip it or use the included lanyard to carry your phone with you.

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What I love the most about the design is the included extra storage pockets that you can tuck away your bluetooth or some extra cash and ID, making this an excellent way to minimize what you carry.  Leave your purse behind and just carry the necessities! 

For under $20 you can sport this pouch.  Visit the main site for many other case options, too!  Just click "products" and head over to the "mobile" category.  I had lots of fun browsing the different styles.  The materials they make the cases from are extremely fun!

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