Fabric that repels bacteria

anti-bacteria-clothHaving computer keyboards and mice that come with a layer of anti-bacterial coating is not new, but to actually wear fabric sporting such qualities is something else. In a weird twist, the two-toned gold dress and metallic denim jacket that you see here actually contain cotton fabrics coated with nanoparticles which are capable of deactivating many harmful bacteria and viruses, while the silver infusion reduces the need to give the garment a wash, although it would be cool to see them infuse it with some form of auto-deodorizing technology in the near future.

I personally don't see this type of fabric making it on a big scale since you can catch bugs everywhere you go, and wearing jacket made from anti-bacterial cloth just ain't the Holy Grail when it comes to avoiding the common cold. Add that to the fact that a single yard of that stuff costs roughly $10,000 and you've got a product that's impossible for even the top multi-level marketer to sell.

Source: Medgadget

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