BenQ phone reveals body fat ratio

body-fat-phoneNow should BenQ actually roll out this handset, it would make a splash amongst fitness buffs, especially women who are concerned about putting on even a tenth of an inch around their waist. This concept from BenQ will be able to measure the percentage and ratio of body fat, making it easier to tell whether the effects of last weekend's buffet binge has begun to set in or not. This is made possible by placing your fingers between the two separate electrodes located at the side of the phone. A built-in chip will then measure the electrical signal between them to come out with the damning result of your body fat ratio.

While this is a pretty interesting but niche feature, chances are it won't be available across the board should such a cellphone be manufactured since men couldn't give two hoots about that growing paunch. Heck, fitness centers ought to give these out as incentives when signing up new members!

Source: Ubergizmo

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