Bathtime gets safer with Digital Bath Spout Cover

spoutcoverAnyone with kids know the importance of getting just the right temperature when it comes to persuading your offspring to wash themselves off after a long hard day running around. Better warm water than cold, but sometimes the heating system can overdo it, leaving a pair of worried parents and at least a scalded, crying kid in the process. The Digital Bath Spout Cover aims to eliminate this painful ordeal from repeating itself ever again, as it comes with a digital display on the spout cover that tells you the current temperature of the water flowing through its spout.

This nifty little device works great when you're trying to fill up a bathtub at just the right temperature, and can even be purchased for homes that do not have any kids inside as adults could do with some pampering once in a while. The display works great, featuring large numbers and colors that make it simple to tell the temperature range at a glance. The Digital Bath Spout Cover retails for a shade under $31.

Source: Gearlog

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