Hotdoll for desperate pooches


Having a four legged friend around the house can be quite a comforting thought, but do remember that Lassie has his needs as well on occasion, and to deprive him of his pro-creation instinct would be pretty cruel. Then again, the little pooch doesn't really seem to mind humping anything it can wrap its legs around, not even the legs of visitors who dropped by your place to see how you're doing only to receive a less than welcome surprise. There is a solution for all horny dog owners out there, and salvation comes in the from of the Hotdoll. The Hotdoll is actually a doll for dogs to release their more primal needs, and guess what - it's shaped like a dog (duh!).

This nifty little addition would be welcome in any home that has a tension-filled pet, but you do have the unpleasant task of cleaning it one he's done and exhausted from all his exertions.

Source: RGS

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