Give your butt that loving feeling


Everyone knows that Japanese toilets are truly one of a kind in the modern world, as most, if not all, public and private toilets come equipped with spray mechanisms that does the menial task of cleaning up your butt after laying a log or two. While this system clearly uses some water, it is probably more environmentally friendly than producing toilet paper and transporting it to homes all over Japan. Toto, a toilet equipment manufacturer, will be celebrating its 90th anniversary by releasing the portable water spray which ensures your butt gets a royal treatment.

Chances are Japanese will snap these up by the hundreds of thousands, as those who travel abroad frequently will find it strange that toilets overseas don't come with water sprays which they're so used to back home. Its a pretty nifty device, and I don't mind giving it a try. But to carry one of these wherever I go just isn't too convenient. What do you think?

Source: Tokyo Mango

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