BBQ Gadget

As I look forward to camping trips this year, I start looking at gadgets related to the outdoors.  I stumbled on this new one that looks like it would be excellent for both camping and at home.
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Qbag, is made of aluminum foil and is a bag made for food that you need to cook longer on the grill or steam up.  We will catch Trout and cook them up and this type of setup would be perfect.  Also mushrooms, garlic or potatoes seem to be a few other options.

Not only does it protect the food from the fire, but it has a clear window on it so that you can see how the food is doing through it.  Another feature is the peel-away window so that you can tend to the food and keep it cooking.

Why use tin foil when you can use a gadget type idea instead?  The Qbag runs around $5.95 for 8 by Prezzybox.

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