Designer Sidekicks Target Breast Cancer

Every year, Fashion Divas get together to customize one Sidekick that goes for auction on eBay. Fashion Target Breast Cancer (FTBC) sponsors the event to raise money to assist women with breast cancer and their families. The high-profile international auction has rallied big names this year such as Betsey Johnson, Jennifer Lopez's Sweetface, Tommy Hilfiger, Diane Von Furstenberg, Nicole Miller and others. Don't be alarmed. Not all Sidekicks are covered in last year's Swarovski crystals or look like they were part of an arts and crafts project (eee JLO's design below). Just take at look at Justin Giunta Subversive who who created a buzz-worthy Napoleonic Bee charm that has Swarovski crystal pearls and chain tassels. Anna Sheffield did a great job too. Her design is for Bing Bang, and is actually a bezel that encases the back of the Sidekick. Man I wish they'd put these two designs in production, cause they're HOT! The rest were just OK for me, but why don't you judge for yourself and tell me which one you like the best..

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