Future Toilet solves age old problem

future-toiletWhile we're still on the subject of toilets, let us examine the Future Toilet that was conceived by a U.K. design team. The Future Toilet will definitely smooth out any marital ruffles as it addresses one sore point in any relationship - the position of the toilet seat once one is done with his or her business. The Future Toilet comes with a lever push that will raise the toilet seat up, coming down automatically whenever the flush is activated.

How does it work exactly? For starters, the mechanism is powered by water that fills the cistern, lifting the seat up by itself thanks to the kinetic energy generated without wasting a single drop of water. The Future Toilet currently retails for £350.00 and ought to be worth the high entry cost to avoid any marital problems which could eventually lead to an even more expensive resolution like a divorce. It will take some knowledge of D.I.Y. and plumbing skills to install one of these in your home.

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