Widescreen display now available on a watch near you

mp4-widescreen-watchMost watches are just that - timepieces. This MP4 wristwatch from Chinavision does more than just tell the time, as you already realize from its name. While its predecessor came with a 1.5" TFT display which was far too small to view movies for a long period of time, the second generation features 1.8" of viewing area (not much of an improvement, eh?) that is capable of displaying video in a widescreen format. While the term "Widesceen" here is used loosely due to the limited viewing area, it is technically correct since it supports an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Features include an integrated FM radio when your eyes are throbbing from squinting too much, a built-in speaker to annoy those around you with Crazy Frog's latest tunes, voice recording capability, USB 2.0 connectivity, half a dozen equalizer settings, a 3.5mm audio jack for private listening, and lyrics support. It comes with 2GB of internal memory without any memory expansion options.

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