Be the Gloved One wearing a SmudgeGuard


Southpaws are a much maligned group of people, seeing that there are tons of devices which cater to the right handed crowd without sparing a thought for us lefties (yes, I'm one too!). As any left-handed person will tell you, their schooling days were often filled with smudge stains on the left hand upon the completion of a written assignment, no thanks to the system of writing from left to right. While it might be a different story these days due to the advent of computers in classrooms, there are still plenty of people around the world who have to deal with this minor irritation day in, day out.

The inventor of the SmudgeGuard is left-handed herself, coming up with this brainchild when her son kept on bringing home smudge stains on his hand. Wearing the SmudgeGuard eliminates this problem completely, from students to artists and others who are involved with a great deal of writing/drawing on an everyday basis.

Source: Core77


  1. Joey 6 August, 2007 at 21:03

    Absolutely needed by any artist! I’m an artist and I have to say, I just bought one. The famous cartoonist’s testimonials and the great cocl video they have convinced me to buy this! Thanks for posting it up Techie Diva!

  2. Chris Davies 7 May, 2007 at 04:31

    I’ve just reviewed the SmudgeGuard and come away highly impressed!

    Plus SlashGear are running a competition to win one of three SmudgeGuards yourself…

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