Swarovski-studded DS Lite

swarovski-ds-liteWhile the Nintendo World Store has been parading DS Lites covered in Swarovski crystals for quite some time now, those are just plain Jane versions that feature just single colors or simple patterns - something pleasant to look at but definitely not jaw dropping or awe inspiring. The good people at GoNintendo are harbingers of news that the old ones are now longer available, but have instead been replaced by shiny new additions that brings the definitive "Wow" experience to buyers, more than Windows Vista could ever do for a new PC owner.

As usual, all the favorite characters from Nintendo's world are featured here, ranging from Link the Adventurer to Mario and Yoshi carrying a sleeping Baby Mario on top. Those who have plenty of time on their hands as well as an artistic streak can always pick up some crystals and make a collage of their favorite Nintendo character by themselves, but those who prefer to just use the almighty dollar to own one will have to drop dough that is equivalent to that of a PS3.

Source: Kotaku

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