Credit Card Sized Video

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Video playing is usually a second thought for MP3 players on the market, so sometimes the screen is too small or the quality is lacking.  Not so with this slim player.  I got to review the Ice player by Latte Communications from and I think it has some great features, with video coming first.

The 2.8 inch display is a good size and you can adjust the brightness and most all settings for video playback.  It's also expandable with a miniSD card so you can carry with you more movie choices.  The player has a visual display when you play MP3's that's clear and the sound is very nice, especially when you toy with the on-screen equalizer.

With 2GB of storage to start with, you'll have plenty to keep going
without expanding it right away.  There is an integrated speaker but I
chose to use the headphones, although I did use the speaker for sharing
a bit of a song with my son.  I couldn't get the FM radio to get a good
signal inside my house, but outside it did much better.  I don't
typically listen at home anyhow, it's a portable player for that
reason, right?

I don't do voice recordings often, but it does have that option for
quick reminders or voice notes.  It was easy to use and charged up via
the USB port, also, the moving of songs from my laptop to the device
was just a drag-drop experience.  Super easy and thin (pictured by my
Motorola RAZR) you can carry this device most anywhere.

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