A more pleasing Pink Zune

pink-zune-runWhile word about a pink Zune has been circulating around the Internet for quite some time now, most of the pictures that our eyes were treated to were that of a garish pink. Thankfully, there is an official shot of the pink Zune that is much easier on the eyes, featuring a shade of magenta in the mix. To make this newly colored Zune more accessible across the board, Microsoft will release exactly a hundred grand worth of units. Unfortunately, this new color won't do much at all when it comes to making the Zune more appealing to the masses.

In a painful sort of way, I symphatize with Microsoft due to the Zune's "failure" when you compare it side by side with the almighty iPod. It kinda reminds me of how the Sony PSP, while a pretty nifty machine on its own, somehow failed to blow away the Nintendo DS and has been described as a 'failure'.

Source: Engadget


  1. Neil 8 April, 2007 at 12:48

    It’s a nice looking pink, and I think quite a few young ladies will want to get one….at least those that are anti-iPod.

    On a side note, the phrase “Microsoft will release exactly a hundred grand worth of units”, sounds like you’re saying the value of the total amount of units being made is $100,000 which I’m sure is not what was meant (sorry be a jerk).

  2. Cutie 8 April, 2007 at 07:22

    […]Another Zune? Maybe you’ll bored hearing this.. But is the things comes in Pink, it will be special!!! We already reviewed the Pink Zen, now the Pink Zune (The name also similar). It’s good for you who don’t have any mp3 player or just broke it yesterday.

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