USB Hand-Warmers

UsbglovesWinter is almost here for some of us, and already here for others (sucks to be you). As you type in that cold temperature, you may suffer from programmeritis (promacrprimegrabrevemlprimeschwaritibreves), a condition caused by prolonged hours of programming or typing in tiny cold rooms with no sunlight. Ok, so there is no such thing, but a pair of USB hand-warmers never killed anyone. In fact, they might help your circulation, or perhaps work those chubby digits until they become a thinner set.  Product Page  [via Odd Japan]

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  1. Debbi 19 November, 2005 at 17:25

    I would absolutely love to buy a pair of these but I can’t do the Japanese. How much are they and where can I get a pair?

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