Parrot PMK5800 Talks Back

Utilizing hands-free gadgets is a must in most cities that have changed laws with regards to using a mobile phone while driving.  Parrot has one easy answer if you are searching for an alternative to the headsets that are so popular.  This Bluetooth car kit is easy to install and use, making your mobile calls safer to conduct while in your car.

Plug the Parrot device into your 12V connection in your car and select an open FM channel for both your car and the device, then you can listen to your callers over your speakers and talk to them via a mic. on the Parrot.  All you need to make it work is a Bluetooth enabled device and your FM radio in your car.  It also has a line-in connector for yourMP3 player so you can enjoy music while waiting on your friends or family to call you.

Using voice recognition software, you can speak your contact names into the Parrot PMK5800 (up to 150 contacts) and it will dial your calls quickly and easily, saving you precious time that you'd otherwise be distracted from driving.  The kit has DSP software that controls echoes and background noise, keeping your calls clear and precise.  If you use the kit to tune into FM radio, it will also automatically recognize a difference between listening to a station or CD and when you need to be connected to an incoming call.

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