RAZRs With Ink

That's right...the new styled RAZR is going to include tattoo artwork from Miami Ink's crew.

227849646 4beb1fb952 mMaster tattoo artist, Ami James, will be doing the honors and the Schaumburg technology company will begin selling the phones around Christmas.

After brainstorming sessions on how to extend the market on the RAZR, Motorola executives have taken another step in the design.  After breaking sales records with the original design and then extending into other colors, the Motorola has been one of the most popular phones out there.

As expected, in many groups the cellphone has become an extension of the person.  A part of their everyday style and is even dressed up to match what some wear out on weekends.  I have seen charms and lights and extras with so much flair lately, that this idea Motorola has is probably going to work.

Tattoos have become popular ways to express ideas or attitudes and a
cellphone as an option--instead of going under the needle--could be one
way to do that for some.  If you get tired of the design or you feel
differently about it, you aren't stuck with ink on your skin...but can
choose to replace the phone instead of using costly laser removal.

One of the first designs is a dragon but they expect to release many
different and personal designs very soon.  Expect to see things like
butterflies, fairies, crosses and tribal patterns, among many other
choices.  The tattoos are converted to a digital format and then etched
into the metal of the phone.  Sounds neat and one more reason why
someone would choose RAZR over another cellphone.


Rumor has it that this one's name is "V3xx" so we'll see how that pans out.


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