Atari 2600 goes portable


Ben Heck has cooked up a portable version of the classic Atari 2600 console, and it looks pretty good IMHO. Although the cartridge sticks out from the front like a sore thumb, it actually helps screen the display from harsh sunlight whenever you take the Atari VCSp Rev 5.1 outdoors. Powered by a quartet of AA batteries, the Atari VCSp Rev 5.1 will be able to run for approximately three hours, so getting a bunch of rechargeable batteries is imminent if you ever pick one of these up.

Ben will be making approximately 20 to 30 of these consoles, and if you want one, you can always contact him and wire three Benjamins over along with a trade-in of an Atari 2600 switch. The final product measures a mere 1.08” thick, so Atari 2600 fans can start digging out their ancient game library which is collecting dust in the attic in order to have some good old fashioned 2D gaming fun with the Atari VCSp Rev 5.1.

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