Swivel-Screen MP3 Player

I'm not sure what use the swivel-screen on this MP3 player is for, except to make it look much cooler than your friends' MP3 player, and sometimes that's enough.  The Newman M790 MP3 Player with a swivel-screen look fantastic.  I think the whole reason behind the option of this screen is design.

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Sometimes it makes no sense WHY they do it, but it does make it look better, neater, newer...

If you look at the Newman for design, it's definitely got that.  It also has a 30x240 screen display, color of course. 

It also has a good amount of internal memory at 512MB, not your "holds every song I love" type of player, but it does compete with others on the market.  It supports MP3 and WMA files but it's only USB 1.1 compliant.  Makes for slower transfers to and from the machine. 

That should definitely be looked at by the creators.

My source says it will be available sometime in August.

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