Cute paper drawings being harassed

lilliputianTalk about a totally new perspective on harassment laws – even drawings aren't exempt from pervy and mischievous fingers! These cute little drawings feature cartoon characters in all manner of poses and situations, where the human thumb and forefinger brings about nothing but torture to their relatively peaceful lives. Some of these drawings include pinching the face of a boy, helping one climb up the monitor, or even attempting to tease a schoolgirl like the picture on the left. I suppose it takes a considerable amount of imagination to think of various positions and situations to place these characters in that tell more than what a thousand words can ever do.

Unfortunately, the website carrying pictures of a similar nature are down. I find it refreshing to see artists expand upon a simple cartoon by interacting it with real world objects such as human fingers, projecting a Lilliputian environment where the comical characters are being subjected to torment by their (in)human masters.

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