OCZ Trifecta connects in many ways

ocz-trifectaWhile SD cards are the most common denominator for memory cards these days, we see more and more devices taking on microSD cards as the storage medium of choice due to the extremely small size that can hold just as much data as its full-sized brethren. OCZ Technology has recently released a three-in-one solution in the form of the OCZ Trifecta. This unique storage device comes in the shape of a regular SD card, but when the situation calls for it, you can always remove the microSD portion from the "adapter" and plug it into cellphones, portable media players, and other devices of its ilk.

What happens when you need to transfer data from the SD card itself, but are lacking in a memory card reader? Fret not, the OCZ Trifecta features a bottom section which can be removed to reveal a USB connector, whereby you will be able to plug it in directly into any available USB port and treat is as a flash drive. The OCZ Trifecta will be available in 1GB and 2GB capacities, featuring a high read speed of 66x. Each purchase comes with a 5 year warranty, by which that time the SDHC format would have long been the de facto standard.

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  1. Fashionfunky 2 April, 2007 at 02:06

    OCZ Trifecta – The SD, miniSD and USB stick rolled into one

    With more devices came the issue of buying more accessories. Like the ridiculous time when even if all your devices use the SD format, because of the size (some have SD slots, others prefer microSD) you still end up buying…

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