Kingston DataTraveler Secure can swim

waterproof-kingstonKingston has recently unveiled the DataTraveler Secure and DataTraveler Secure - Privacy Edition USB 2.0 flash drives that are capable of keeping your data well protected even under extreme conditions without the sacrifice of performance found in other flash drives available on the market. The DataTraveler Secure range of drives come in a rugged and waterproof design which are capable of withstanding harsh operating conditions, boasting hardware-based encryption to keep your data within safe from malicious parties. A titanium-coated stainless steel case keeps the 8GB worth of data inside virtually safe from external physical threats, while 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard encryption does away with the need for special software to encrypt and decrypt information.

In fact, the Privacy Edition boasts advanced security measures, including a complex password protocol that locks out any potential attacks once it detects ten consecutive failed password attempts. The DataTraveler Secure line of USB 2.0 flash drives come in capacities of 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB. Each purchase boasts a read rate of 24MB/sec and a write speed of 10MB/sec.

Source: Let's Go Digital

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