Wanted – Gamers' blood


Now this piece of news is definitely freaky - an online MMORPG operator in China (Moliyo) is offering over 120,000 players who have been banned (no thanks to their unethical attempts at boosting their online characters by using bots) the chance to redeem themselves as well as getting their accounts activated again by donating blood. Yes, as long as you are one of those culprits looking for a fast way to the top and want to get back into the good books of Moliyo, all you need to do is turn up at the public blood donation drive which will be held at the city of Nanjing. All locked accounts have been promised to be reopened within three days.

Moliyo hopes that this event will be able to create a civilized society, and enhance online gamers’ appreciation of social responsibility and public welfare. Ordinary players are also qualified to donate their blood on that day in exchange for free accounts. Do you think Blizzard will pull a similar stunt in order to help the government obtain more blood? Even if the opportunity presents itself, would you do it?

Source: Weird Asia News

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