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The All New BMW 2 Series- On the Road to Thrill

History is repeating itself with the all-new 2019 BMW 2 series. The 2 series is ready to make some noise with its powerful Engine. The car holds a tagline of 'Restless, Ready and Rebellious' which shows high confidence in the Engineering of this car. The car is a coupe type and you should not judge the power it delivers with its size. The car tops a 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds which is much better performance than its classmates. The car is driver eccentric and BMW has assured it with a coupe.

Talking of the performance aspect of the 2019 BMW 2 series, the car houses a powerful heart. The Engine of the car is a 4-cylinder Twin power Turbocharged reciprocating in 2.0 liter of volume. The Engine butters out a smooth 248 horsepower and a twisting torque of 256 lb.-ft at about 1450-4500 rpm. The lightweight body generates enough thrust to kick in right from the start of the Engine. Another special feature the 2 series holds is a 50/50 weight ratio which gives extraordinary stability and performance to the car.

The engineering in this car is perfected is achieved beginning with the chassis. BMW has done a commendable job on the custom chassis for the 2019 2 series. The chassis of the BMW 2 series is very intelligent. It is equipped with an M suspension system. This rustle suspension uses precise data incoming from acceleration, speed, and steering wheel position to adapt to any road condition by adjusting the damper mapping. The advanced mapping also ensures a comfortable ride with a sporty feel. The dynamics of the car is well under control and always acts as leverage for high performance.

While driving the 2 series, you are at ease. The advanced sensors and aftermath in the car handle all the dynamic capabilities of the car and lets you enjoy the thrill of driving a BMW. Agility comes first in the historically great handling of BMW’s. The double pivot spring-strut type front suspension pairing with a high performance five-link rear suspension makes the body of the BMW agile through thin air.

The 2019 2 series comes with a lot of tech offerings too. The high tech iDrive 6.0 is installed in the 2019 series which will navigate to your destination naturally and grips on your commands steadily. So, to have a task done, you just need to say it aloud to the BMW and it will be done. It's so simple and efficient. The package of the 2 series comes with an impressive Wireless charging option and Wi-Fi Hotspot connectivity option. The onboard connectivity feature lets you connect to your world with ease.

The toughest part of driving, the parking, is now taken care of by the 2 series. The Park Distance Control gives you a complete understanding of your surroundings and even assists you accordingly. The Distance control system uses numerous sensors to detect nearby obstacles and gives you a clear visual of your immediate surrounding, making parking sessions stress-free. Amazon Alexa is installed in the BMW 2 series. The rest is AI. You just need to give a command and Alexa will get it done for you.

The packages available for the 2019 2 series are the 230i Coupe, 230i xDrive Coupe, M240i Coupe & M240i xDrive Coupe with a more powerful inline 6 Engine. The 2019 BMW 2 series price starts from an MSRP $35,300 for the 230i to $45,800 for the M240i model which is pretty reasonable for what the car offers. On top of all that you get in this package, you also get a chance to experience German Engineering in its best form.