Pamper yourself with the Royal Whale

royal-whaleWith the modern lifestyle offering much more stress compared to our forefathers, it is no wonder taking a nice, warm shower at the end of the day actually washes away a whole lot of stress. Instead of settling for a plain old shower head with different streams of water, why not pamper yourself with the Royal Whale? This whirpool bath provides hydrotherapy to soothe your body, with its warm water capable of treating a wide range of ailments such as arthritis, rheumatism, and a host of back pain problems.

The Royal Whale comes with 14 jets which were strategically positioned to match the Chinese pathway joints on the human skeleton, bringing you a feeling of relief that you've never felt before as gentle streams of water massage at your body's meridians. Unfortunately, such a feeling of bliss is currently out of reach for the average Joe as the Royal Whale currently retails for a jaw-dropping $2,995. If you think that price is exorbitant, bear in mind the normal retail price is a whopping $5,695. Each purchase comes with a free air bubble massage system.

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