Do the moonwalk with your fingers

usb-finger-dance-matYou know how dreary things can get at the office, especially those Monday morning blues that seem all but impossible to shake off despite having double the amount of coffee you normally take. The USB Finger Dance Mat helps distract you from work but for a moment, featuring a miniature Dance Dance Revolution pad that was designed specifically for your - you've guessed it, fingers. Each Finger Dance Mat will light up when plugged into any available USB port, and your fingers will then have to follow the lighted pads in quick succession. The longer you last in the game, the faster the lights will go until your twirling index and middle fingers get a cramp.

Each purchase adds to the authenticity of the situation by throwing in a finger puppet that reminds you of John Travolta in his much younger days, belting slick moves with Olivia Newton John in Grease. The USB Finger Dance Mat is currently available for £9.99.

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