This shark doesn't bite but squirts


Relive your childhood through your offspring with this toy from Discovery Store. What looks like an innocent float in the shape of the deadly hammerhead shark actually features a rotating water cannon that equals to hours of endless fun in the pool for everybody. This inflatable float's powerful water blasting cannon can be rotated up to 180º, ensuring that no target gets away dry. Since your "ammunition" is derived from the pool itself, you basically won't run out of ammunition anytime soon. A built-in hydro pump maintains a constant pressure that guarantees hours of fun in the pool.

The Battle Blaster Hammerhead is suitable for kids aged five and above. It measures 16" x 4" x 9.5" before inflation and is made from durable plastic that will last for a long time. I strongly suggest getting at least two of these in order to have some truly fun times at the pool with your family. You can pick up the Battle Blaster Hammerhead for $24.95 a pop today.

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