Clicquot Loveseat for starstruck lovers


Ah, to be in love, seated in a chair together and just gazing into one another's eyes. During tender moments such as these, any old, run down furniture just would not do. What a pair of lovers need is the Clicquot Loveseat that comes in the form of two opposite petal-shaped chairs that are joined in the center by a yellow ice bucket, with a chrome-plated pedestal located at the bottom to provide the necessary support.

This Karim Rashid-designed furniture offers a refreshing take on an 18th-centruy armchair, measuring two meters long, 1.22 meters high, and 85cm wide, making it ideal to be placed on the patio or in the living room. Evenings spent together are no longer boring events, as the Clicquot Loveseat definitely gets the heartbeat racing with its design. Just make sure your pockets are as deep as your love for her before you suggest purchasing one, especially since the Clicquot Loveseat costs a jaw-dropping $10,000. And to think not even a single diamond comes with this piece of furniture! Ah, the price of love has certainly moved in tandem with inflation.

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