GelaSkins cling on to your Apple


Why tote around an ordinary looking notebook that does nothing other than label you as yet another office drone? GelaSkins has the solution by sprucing up your rectangle piece of metal with a wide variety of vinyl designs that are guaranteed to get your heartbeat racing each time you lay your eyes on it. While these do not offer any function such as a more efficient cooling system other than providing eye candy, the GelaSkins line of laptop covers were created to accommodate Apple laptops with five different sizes in all.

These skins are extremely easy to apply and stick to your device like a barnacle, and yet can be peeled off easily without leaving any sticky residue behind, preserving your beloved Apple's laptop surface pristine. At $32.95 a pop, these GelaSkins are certainly worth checking out if you own an Apple laptop. Do you prefer to skin your laptop, or like it just the way it is?

Source: Gearlog

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